Maria PatrizziMaria Patrizzi

Maria received her BFA with honors, Phi Beta Kappa, from Washington State University in 1972, subsequently moving to Portland, OR, where she worked as an award winning graphic designer for 10 years.  With the advent of the computer age, her marriage, and relocation to the Seattle area, Maria began pursuing her interest in fiber art, finding handmade paper to hold a particular fascination.  Taking and teaching many classes in handmade paper, Maria has developed her own unique techniques for creating artworks in this medium.

Handmade paper can be sheet formed, folded, bent, casted, painted or sculpted; it can be small or large, yet remain relatively light in weight.  With its strength and versatility, Maria is now investigating more possibilities in handmade paper, while also enjoying painting and collage of hand painted papers.

“ To me, art is not a noun, it’s a verb, and as such, an artist is never done.  Art is a process, a road to be traveled, and I have this web site as a venue to sell my experiences along that journey.”

- Maria Patrizzi

Design: Marilyn Langdon