Handmade Paper

Maria’s handmade paper artworks use a variety of self invented techniques.  The vessels are designed, the molds carved, then casted in flat relief before painting.  After each side of the vessel is finished, she bends and assembles them into an urn.  Other art works are carved, casted, and painted, or are collaged with other papers or found materials.  Other times she dyes the paper pulp, creating semi sheet formed pieces, or uses those papers in collage.  Rich textures with themes of history and mystery are the basis for Maria’s handmade paper art.

Homage I Mayan Mysteries III Slice of Time
Surrender to the Mystery, Blue Surrender to the Mystery, Red Surrender to the Mystery, Rust Homage Mini I
Homage Mini II Homage Mini III View from the Stratosphere  
Design: Marilyn Langdon